Middle Way Health Foundation

Mission: To provide direct, on-site mental health assessments and referrals, free of charge to persons – and families, friends and partners – so that they have accurate information in order to make informed decisions.

The target population is those people who for whatever reason have no insurance, have not entered ‘the mental health system’, or are just at risk. Assessments are provided by licensed and qualified clinicians, who are paid a professional hourly rate for their time.

The hope is that Middle Way Health Foundation will help close a significant ‘gap’ in public and private mental health services. The task is to find those people who have ‘fallen between the cracks,’ or are in danger of doing so.

Middle Way Health Foundation seeks to be an ally with existing county and non-profit agencies that serve the chronically-mentally ill population.

The Foundation has NON-PROFIT status with the IRS, and your contributions are tax deductible.

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