Jill Kerrigan, MBA, LMT, ACE Certified

Jill Kerrigan, MBA, LMT, ACE Certified

Certified Massage Therapist 
Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach 
(916) 601-2151

Following an early career working in corporate business, Jill Kerrigan decided to pursue a different path in order to fulfill her dream of helping others. For over 15 years Jill has been providing therapeutic massage treatments to a long list of clients. Jill is a licensed certified massage therapist, as well as certified aerobics instructor teaching at Rio Del Oro Racquet Club, leading classes in total body workout, yoga, pilates, senior fit, and water aerobics. Her overall philosophy is to diminish muscle tension and stress, while teaching practical, functional movements that help with everyday tasks. Jill has her MBA in Finance and Accounting with a BS in Mathematics.

Massage is not just for relaxation and stress relief, it also helps to improve coordination, functionality and ease of movement in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Massage strengthens the immune system, eases muscle tension and relieves bodily pain, thus increasing energy and physical well being. Personal Training is one-on-one guidance for overall fitness, flexibility and strength. Wellness Coaching provides a holistic, personal approach to one’s health and overall well being. Any one of these disciplines can deliver significant benefits, but in combination they empower the individual to traverse the full spectrum of physical health, thus enabling true healing and physical vitality.

Jill actively listens to learn your physical concerns, understanding that a body in pain or discomfort is a body in need of attention, as further health issues are apt to occur. A body properly stretched, strengthened and massaged will experience overall physical and mental harmony. Greater body awareness leads to a more positive body image, as well as physiological well being.

“Jill is professional and educated, flexible and adaptable to patients’ needs. With her you are not only getting an extraordinary massage, but the personal strength of someone’s caring and intelligent presence. Jill is my personal massage therapist. I trust her to honor my injuries as she understands how my body works.”
~Stephen Walker

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