Melanie Noel Light, MS

Melanie Noel Light, MS

Visionary Consultant 
Writing & Awareness Coach 
(916) 425.4478 
Author: Portals to the Soul, the Psyche & a More Enchanted Life 
Co-Author: Something So Obvious 

Dream Life Designing is the process of bringing your dreams – big or small – to life. It starts with a desire to creatively direct one or more aspects of your life and can become more a way of life with renewed perspective and budding empowerment.

But just how does one go about creating a better life for themselves? It requires certain components such as SELF-AWARENESS, which leads to CLARITY of DESIRES, which evokes INSPIRATION and BLISS. You see, AWARENESS and ENERGY are your greatest tools. For when you are open, you can then direct your energy to a better place, a better experience right here and now!

Dream Life Designing is a fun journey and can involve talking and brainstorming, reading and writing, drawing and painting, creating vision boards and collages, de-cluttering and organizing, re-decorating and re-inventing oneself, spiritual and physical cleansing, meditative exercises (like yoga, tai chi, walking, dances, etc), self-care and pampering, and just about anything that makes you feel good.

Wondering if Dream Life Designing might be a good for you? Give me a call or drop me an email. You were born with dreams and desires for a reason; let’s see what we can accomplish together!

Dream Life Designing Outline (PDF)