Trish Gemulla, MBA, MS, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(916) 305-5659

Trish brings many years of study and practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist and as a business entrepreneur, leader and consultant to her current practice, offering individual, family and couples therapy as well as leadership consultation. Her work is informed by her personal spiritual, relational and vocational journey along with specialized training in various therapeutic theories and modalities.

As a therapist, Trish works with individuals to live life as their most authentic self through awakening the personal energy and wisdom that they already possess. This can include facilitating present moment awareness and joy, navigating significant life transitions while maintaining a sense of self, or finding growth and meaning in dark times. Trish is foundationally a Narrative therapist, but integrates spirituality, mindfulness and neuro-linguistic principles… along with healthy doses of lightness and humor… to guide her clients through a process of healing and growth. Each of us has unique, complex stories which, at times, can create internal conflict and confusion, blocking us from moving forward. Trish will work with you to accept and integrate opposing parts of your experience and self so that you can move forward with increased self-awareness, self-appreciation and openness to experience.

Trish specializes in working with individuals, couples and families through life transitions, including adolescence, marriage/cohabitation, becoming parents, career changes, grief and loss, relocation and retirement. She has a particular passion for helping teenagers navigate their journey to young adulthood, helping them to grow in their individuality, develop strong, independent thinking, and build authentic relationships. In addition, she has specialized training in suicide prevention/ intervention, pre-marital counseling, and working with personality disorders.

As a leadership coach, Trish brings personal experience as an entrepreneur and leader in both for-profit and non-profit businesses, and as a leadership consultant in her recent work at Intel Corp. She believes that leaders who care for people first and know how to “bring them along” with a dynamic vision understand the magic of getting the best results. Trish can work with you to assess your current leadership strengths, create goals for development, and build the skills you need to move from a good manager to an impassioned leader!