Our Philosophy

Our philosophy and vision at Middle Way Health are about bringing people together, because something happens when people get together; something that facilitates a level of self-exploration and expression that can’t be done alone.

Personal growth is not solely about the individual. We have to consider the whole and grasp the totality of existence in order to improve our personal experiences with it.

The contact point between two different things – where seemingly incompatible things meet – is the Middle Way. It is where male and female meet, stillness and movement fuse, opposite things together become greater than their parts. How we integrate these opposing energies is through our personal stories (the way we live our lives). And yet we all need not only a personal story, but a shared story, which connects us to other people and their stories. Having too much personal focus without recognizing the interdependence of life, or the contrary, having too much archetypal, big picture focus lacking personal responsibility causes an imbalanced life. And the imbalance causes discomfort, confusion and suffering. It is within this Middle Way where we learn to grasp the big picture, the healthy awareness that comes with it, and the peace of mind and happiness we all crave.

Brief History

Before Middle Way Health was fully formed, psychotherapist Stephen Bryant Walker had a private practice at the Sacramento Center for Complementary Medicine on 27th and I streets in Midtown Sacramento. Shamanic Practitioner and Hypnotherapist Judy Lynn Taylor started there as well, seeing clients and assisting Stephen. In 2000 the name Middle Way Health was coined.

A couple of moves later, writer and Creativity Coach Melanie Noel Light joined the team and the trio began a highly visionary phase for Middle Way Health. Once settled into a larger space on Alhambra Blvd., the growth of the center accelerated.

Now incorporated under the name Middle Way Health Family Counseling, Inc. – with 14 practitioners, 2 interns, 2 books, a workshop series, wellness programs, art gallery and more – Middle Way Health is a full-service center for mind/body/spirit wellness, growth and creativity.

As an integral support system for the community, in 2016 Middle Way Health also began the process of becoming an independent EAP provider for local businesses.

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Best Sacramento 2015 (2)


Middle Way Health has been selected for Best of Sacramento Awards in the Marriage, Family, Child & Individual Counselors category 4 years in a row.