Workshops, Books & Classes

Workshops, Books & Classes

Middle Way Health workshops and books are timeless spiritual and psychological teachings in a modern, casual context. They teach us how to recognize the opposing elements in our lives and help us find balance, happiness and freedom by learning to perceive and appreciate the freshness of each moment as it is. Many of our workshops are based on books that we have written or are currently writing.



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The workshops we offer can be utilized after therapy or in conjunction with it. While they exemplify how individual therapy, writing and other specialized workshops can go together and really improve and enhance our lives, the workshops may also stand alone as one-time experiences or ongoing means for self-exploration.

Middle Way Journey Training

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Middle Way Journey Training consists of a series of five workshops that take participants through all the major aspects or themes of life – Body/Family/Mind & Thoughts/ Relationships & Emotions/Spirit – via a common story and shared journey. Participants will also become more aware of their own story – what it is and why it matters.

The purpose of this training is to teach you how to live a joyful, balanced life from day to day. It is based on Middle Way Health’s vision that life is opposites – day and night, empty and full, bliss and sorrow. Usually this is the source of our confusion, and life becomes a series of unresolved problems.When we learn to hold the opposites evenly together, however, they form a balanced connection. When this connection is recognized, the dynamic, healing energy is then liberated. The harnessing of this energy is the Middle Way – a joy filled life embracing the light and the dark.

Instructors: Stephen Bryant Walker, Robert Nakashima & Melanie Noel Light

Cost: TBD

When: Workshops are held on the 2nd Sunday of every month from 9am-4pm

Where: Lion’s Roar Dharma Center, 3240 B Street

Lunch: Bring a bag lunch so we can all eat together, learning how to do so mindfully.

Contact: Middle Way Health offices at 916.492.9007

[*Once a workshop series is completed the whole series starts over again, so newcomers may join the journey training at any time starting with any of the five life themes.]

The Middle Way Training Workshops are inspired by the five wisdom families, or energies. During these workshops we examine how energy manifests itself in our lives and how we can enliven and stabilize these energies. These workshops are unique because they represent our personal and shared journeys, and are based on the upcoming archetypal adventure novel Something So Obvious. By re-enacting the journey of the characters in the book, we discuss and work through their issues, which in turn enable us to work through our own. This type of live narrative therapy makes it easier to see our own story, like looking from the outside in. It is a non-threatening, enjoyable way to gain insight into our own lives. By observing and bringing characters in a novel to life, we are also bringing ourselves to life. Within the book’s framework, we provide the structure and safety to talk things through, share deep experiences and emotions, and go through the different levels of self actualization and healing processes. The workshops include lectures and discussions, movement and meditations, ritual and song, and reflections and role playing. They are designed for anyone from beginner to advanced meditator, spiritual seeker or self explorer.


Other Workshops Offered through Middle Way Health:

Business Coaching – For Businesses (ex: Right Livelihood: How to bring conscientious practices into your business) or for Therapists (ex: How to Do Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy)

Zen & The Art of Shopping – Many of us have a love/hate relationship with shopping these days, but even shopping can be a spiritual – or at least conscious and pleasant experience.

Writing Awareness – What’s the first thing we have to learn before we become masters of our own lives? How to become more self aware, discovering all the hidden gems beneath the surface.

Dream Life Designing – Learning to survive and deal with life’s challenges is essential for each of us, but learning to flourish amid these challenges and create more ways to thrive is how we learn to design the kind of life we desire deep down.



Something So Obvious

Something So Obvious is an adventure story about a family that discovers an ancient artifact revealing the secret to life. Along the journey they discover where they came from, who they are, and what they truly value… which has, surprisingly, been in front of them all along.

Something So Obvious is a story about the necessary stages of life – that if traversed openly and fully – ultimately lead to the peace and happiness we all long for. A blend of mystery, romance and intrigue, the novel translates to everyday life as spiritual inspiration for putting our ideals into practice.
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Falling in the Love with the World Again

Falling in Love with the World Again is about the heart and soul of self-discovery, and what it takes to bring wonderment back to life. It is a collection of articles written by health practitioners about the challenges of daily life, as well as the occasional overwhelm of it all. The authors use a relaxed tone to tell their personal stories, which are honest, engaging and relatable. The theme of the book is the power of balance in our daily lives: The balancing of our mental processes, our actions and re-actions, and our personal situations with the big picture.



Tai Chi/QiGong

Shamanic Journey & Drumming Circle


Mindfulness Meditation