Dream Life Designing

What is Dream Life Designing?

Dream Life Designing offers fun, personalized consultations that help you get in touch with your true essence, uncover what is truly meaningful to you, and experience all the little blisses along the way. It will help you become more aware of your rich, inner world and learn how to literally bring that to life so you can decorate and enrich your days with it.

What’s Included

Exercises include Awareness Coaching, Expressive Writing, Dream-storming, Image Gathering, Symbol Guides, Storytelling, Creativity Coaching and Spiritual College. Sessions are uniquely designed around each client’s personal and/or professional desires, goals and wishes.

Packages or Individual Sessions

A 4-session package can be purchased for $100, or individual sessions may be scheduled for $30 each.

Get In Touch for More Info

Contact Melanie Noel Light, your Dream Life Guide, at (916) 425.4478 or visit www.DreamLifeDesigning.com