Sandra Warne, M.A., LMFT

Sandra Warne

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(916) 568-1025

Sandra Warne has been practicing Psychotherapy in Sacramento for twenty-five years, successfully using integrative approaches designed to meet the needs of individuals, couples, and families exactly where they are, and moving them forward to realize their full potential for happiness.

As an EMDR therapist Sandra is experienced in transforming painful experiences from the past – either conscious or unconscious – alleviating pain, troublesome feelings and reactions, thus allowing them to live life to the fullest in the present.

Sandra has worked successfully with Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan Veterans from ages 20 to 70 years old. She has also used this trauma resolution protocol with children as young as four.

Couples are another special interest of Sandra’s because often couples have no positive models to prepare them to successfully traverse the many developmental stages they face in their futures. She works with couples to design their relationships to meet the needs and desires of each life stage as a couple, and provides vehicles to enhance communication. Sandra also enjoys working with both traditional and non-traditional families, including blended and alternative families.

Sandra’s experience with Buddhist Psychology as a treatment modality brings relief to individuals who suffer from maladaptive attachment and highly conditioned and automatic emotional responses. Blown by the winds of emotions, individuals often experience confusion, disharmony, and at times physical disease or addictions. Living mindfully in the moment without judgment of self or others can lead to replacing of unhealthy attachment, leading the way for love, equanimity, joyfulness, and compassion. This therapeutic path is one with an emphasis on enhanced creativity, humor, and happiness in the present moment.

With clarity and sensitivity Sandra serves culturally diverse and LBGTQ individuals, couples and families, experienced and comfortable with the unique challenges that many face in our still evolving society.

Sandra is currently laying the groundwork for a women’s healing group, emphasizing healthy integration of body, mind, and emotions, while defining one’s spiritual path as needed in the present moment. Women who are experiencing or have experienced life-altering medical conditions are encouraged to inquire about this group.