Sue Marshall

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, De-Hypnotherapist
Certified Massage Therapist
Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner 
(916) 837-1267

De-Hypnotherapy is the process of getting you out of your trance and residing instead in the authenticity of your being. How can you tell if you’re in a “trance”? You are likely in a state of hypnosis -similar to watching TV or driving a car – if you feel stuck, feel like you can’t fully wake up, or are unable to move beyond something.

Sue practices Intuitive Energy Medicine, which is following the energy field of that person, and utilizes essential oils and massage to help people heal. She also offers a co-dependency class and various workshops.

Sue works with people in all age brackets, including children ages five and up, couples, families and groups. “Seeing transformation with people is very rewarding, knowing they’re walking away with live tools at their disposal.”