Communal Healing

[Good health comes from regularly balancing aspects of our lives such as our emotions, thoughts and habits.]

Healing should be a way of life – if we really want to do it right – to grow, evolve and flourish. Because there are always going to be new stressors, ills or hurts popping up here and there, and we need ways in which to handle them throughout our lives.

This is something we have learned at Middle Way Heath – that true health and wellness is not a one-time fix. Good health comes from regularly balancing aspects of our lives such as our emotions, thoughts and habits. It’s a process that requires our participation – at least periodically – in checking to see how we’re handling it all and if we could use some assistance or guidance.

Each of us does this throughout our lives in similar ways. We way talk with a friend, family member, church leader, colleague, or professional to help us see things more clearly, assess priorities, and perhaps strategize a game plan. If we keep our struggles and fears to ourselves, however, we become trapped within our own unresolved problems, our life becomes stagnant – or riddled with strife – and there seems no way out.

Healing in and of itself is very simple, really. All it requires is that we step in the direction of our wellbeing a little each day. Often the first step is simply talking with someone about our concerns and wishes. Opening ourselves up to outside help is what unlocks the door because we cannot thrive as closed systems, always keeping to ourselves and denying our ongoing issues. We are communal, social beings who need each other to exist optimally. We should be helping each other accept our vulnerabilities and build upon our strengths, which we can then invest back into the community in order to assist the greater good.

It’s time to come out of our shells, uncover our authenticity, and share it with those around us. We are role models for one another in the most simplistic of ways sometimes. Being true to yourself, fostering forgiveness, finding the gems in our weakness… these are gifts we should be honing and sharing with the world.

In person, preferably.