Consulting & Coaching

Consulting & Coaching

Would you like to find a way to achieve all of your goals?

We can guide you to success, whether with personal or professional objectives. We will help you find the focus to realize your goals and develop the discipline and energy to achieve them.

What’s the difference between Coaching and Consulting?

Consulting is obtaining professional information, perspective, direction and structure. Coaching is identifying goals and encouraging strengths. Both coaching and consulting help you get through obstacles and develop the energy to take the next step.

Business Consulting

We offer small business consulting and specialize in family-run and entrepreneurial-minded businesses that are ready for the next step in their growth or are interested in resolving issues. Small businesses have unique challenges, many of which are magnified in small organizations. There’s inherent stress in any business environment. Add a family dynamic and the challenges multiply. An objective professional can help you find your way through the maze.

Middle Way Health provides team building and group exercises that are influenced both from the worlds of business consulting and family systems, taking a look at conscious and unconscious problems and possibilities. We will focus on resolving conflicts that arise when people work together, but preserve the intimacy and creativity of your small business – whether family owned or not – along with its competitiveness and profitability.

As a small entrepreneurial business we know how important your time and money are, and we will tailor-make a consulting program to fit your needs. We offer services on an hourly basis or pre-determined package rate, and can meet with you and your team at our office or your place of work. Please see the Staff page for more information about Stephen and his services.

Personal Coaching

We offer coaching on a one-on-one basis for those individuals who want to identify goals and take the next step in realizing those goals. We will help you identify obstacles and develop the discipline to overcome them. Personal Coaching can be directed toward the enhancement of one’s current profession or help identify new career ambitions or personal aspirations.

Dream Life Designing & Writing Coaching

Everyone needs to find or create: Sacred space for themselves, their own unique voice or expression, a reason to be inspired and motivated, connection to others, a healthy outlook about how life works, self-esteem and confidence, and ideas and visions of their dream life. But achieving all of this is not always easy, nor do we tend to make it a priority in our lives. We’re so busy getting through it all, making ends meet and trying to recover that we miss the meaning and magic along the way.

Dream Life Designing assists people with managing their fears and honing their passions, thus day by day creating the life of their dreams. This requires becoming more self aware, learning the power of perspective, and expressing oneself authentically. The great news is that there are many ways in which to do this and the self-discovery process can feel like a true awakening of the spirit.

One-one-one consulting and coaching services are offered by Melanie and can be done at the Middle Way Health office in East Sacramento or her home office in Woodland. She provides a safe, welcoming environment with fun exercises that help you gain clarity about what you want for your life, the inspiration to reach for it, and the motivation to make it happen. The process is tailored to each individual and can include:

  • Writing Coaching = Examining thoughts, feelings & desires.
  • Dream-storming = Brainstorming about ideal life scenarios.
  • Image Gathering = Evoking blissful emotions and wishful thinking.
  • Symbol Guides = Examining archetypes, roles and personality shadows.
  • Storytelling = Considering our life stories, how they enhance or limit our potential.
  • Creative Play = Generating a pool of creative hobbies that uncover our authentic self.
  • Spiritual College = Tapping into the higher realms of spirit and soul.

And more! Re-Designing one’s life – or some aspect of it – requires being willing to take an honest look at what’s holding us back. But examining patterns in our lives and the true nature of reality exposes a powerful current of energy that can help us see the big picture and feel safer to pursue our dreams. Because we all want a Dream Life!

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