Creating a Spirited Life ~

How do you connect with Spirit? Some people feel most spiritually or universally connected in church; others in nature. For some it may be through music, uplifting words, or in silence; being alone, hearing the rustling of leaves in trees, or feeling a gentle breeze across your face. Maybe it’s watching children at play, the sound of laughter or immersing in prayer; helping someone in need or being helped yourself; a smile, hymn, memory or feeling…

When I wonder where or how to find spirit I am usually quickly reminded that it is everywhere. Yet we can lose touch with our awareness of it in our fast-paced, pressure-driven, over-stimulated lives. The alarm goes off, the coffee goes on, the kids get up, the shower trickles down, the lunches get made, the breakfast gets eaten, the dishes get done, and our days get going on a collision course for what? More of the same?

Whether you go to church on Sundays or pray daily to the traffic gods, every moment can be rich with spirit if you stop to listen and give it a moment of your time. Whether you need inspiration or guidance, connection or calm, it’s right there from one breath to another – in the sound of a friend’s voice, the buzzing of a bee, the softness of a blanket, the nourishment of good food. Just breathe, open your soul, release the tension, and take in another now-renewed breath. This is your chance to feel connected, cleansed and inspired to do something that really matters to you, like making this moment count.