Boundaries – Why, When and How

by What's New

Sometimes we set boundaries because we feel vulnerable, attacked, underappreciated, or other.

Boundary setting is a self-protective move to defend ourselves from some threats. It tends to be proactive, yet occasionally it can become too reactive.

Let’s maybe not immediately think we know why something is happening. Or even not happening for that matter.

I try very hard to not overthink things or let my mind control my inner peace. As a middle aged person, it is more difficult for sure. I have a past, a present and a future to deal with. This can cause anxiety, right? I am learning to breathe better, exercise more, and focus on what gives me comfort, as well as to let inspiration guide me when it chooses to.

It is a start, at least. Awareness and some determination. Perhaps some acceptance, too, when necessary, to take the weight off our backs for a while. That’s when we really learn how to fully breathe.