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December 2014

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December 2014 Issue


Our full-spectrum healing model is influenced by eastern and western philosophies that emphasize awareness, balance and wholeness.

“We cannot transcend our lives without having a deep responsibility to ourselves, others, all animals and the planet.” ~Jeff Wilfong, LMFT, Certified Hypnotherapist

Mindful Reflections:
The Many Shades of Mindfulness

I am honored to be a guest contributor this month to Middle Way Health’s online magazine. As a former staff member at Middle Way Health, I started a column for La Dolce Vita Magazine called Mindful Reflections, an embodiment of my saturation in the practice and...

Let’s Eat:
Dessert Overload

Leftover pie and cheesecake from Thanksgiving is the problem. Many people complain about leftover turkey. But we all know what to do about turkey. We might complain, but we all know that turkey goes into sandwiches and soups. It’s a no-brainer. Extra dessert is a problem.

Get Up and Get Moving: A Conversation with
Personal Trainer Amanda Kerr

Getting into a workout routine can be tough in the beginning, especially if you don’t know where to start. A personal trainer will help you find the “fire” and drive that will get you into the swing of things. I became a trainer because I want everyone to see the...

Zen & The Art of Shopping

Raw emotion defines shopping. I have shopping regret. In this situation I regret NOT buying something. I needed a pair of slippers – warm sheepskin ones. I saw a nice pair – not cheap but exactly what I wanted. I passed them up! Why? Because I thought I could do...

Holiday Sanity-Saving

As we come into this time of holidays and family togetherness, many emotions are stirred up for us from past memories of holidays and family togetherness. Some of these may be quite positive; for example, the smells of turkey baking, making Grandma’s special apple pie...

New Therapist Introduction: Jeff Wilfong

My name is Jeff Wilfong, and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified hypnotherapist. I entered the psychology field after an intense spiritual calling. In 2000, I found myself devouring Buddhist books in a Barnes and Noble in Chico, California....

Middle Way Journey Workshop:

Our next Middle Way Journey Training Workshop is vast approaching and you are invited (newcomers are always welcome). The theme is 'Embodiment', which is about the mind-body connection and the empowerment and aliveness that come from it. Workshop guides are Stephen,...

Gorillas in the Gym

I work out at two different gyms now. It’s a little confusing. The first one my wife and I joined a number of years ago because it has a pool, tennis court and gym with machines. A couple years ago, I got myself a trainer there. Everything was perfect. The trainer and...