La Dolce Vita
March 2021

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March 2021 Issue


Our full-spectrum healing model is influenced by eastern and western philosophies that emphasize awareness, balance and wholeness.

Have you ever experienced immense overwhelm in any part of your life or career? Have you ever found solace with animals or nature? At Middle Way Health we often find harmony and clarity with each other, within silence, as well as within the vast wonders of nature herself. Read on for a little compassion, awakening and enlightenment.

Interview with Stephen Bryant Walker, LMFT

Steven Walker is a psychotherapist at Middleway Health. He is also known as Lama Yeshe Jinpa, an American Lama in the lineage of the Dalai Lama. So he makes a really interesting perspective between Western psychotherapy and Eastern philosophy.

Technology v. Peace of Mind

things haven’t been working so well for me these days. You know: computer, internet, software and platform stuff; trying to get my Real ID, a new social security card, even renewing my driver’s license… and things I don’t even know the words for

Deep Mindfulness-Diving Beneath the Waves:
A Conversation with Mindfulness Coach
Stephen Walker, LMFT

As an accomplished meditator and experienced psychotherapist with nearly 50 years of experience, Stephen Walker LMFT has spent a lifetime reflecting on what human beings need to heal. People arrive at his psychotherapy office traumatized, with substance abuse...

Therapy Manifesto for the New Year

Without question, everyone to some degree has been impacted by the pandemic. Everyone has also been impacted by the sometimes toxic polarizing political climate. We are a divided family.

Soul Left Me

I could feel my soul leave me! In a recent Covid infomercial, a woman said when her mom died, she felt her soul leave. In indigenous cultures, this is understood as an actual trauma response and healing is offered. The family would get together with the shaman healer...

New Online Group: Art Therapy & Mindful Self-Compassion

I hope this message finds you well during these challenging times. I'm reaching out to share some information about my new online group: Art Therapy & Mindful Self-Compassion. This is a group focused on adults who consider themselves to be in the prime of their...