La Dolce Vita
March 2015

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La Dolce Vita

where we focus on health and wellness, inspiration and spirit, joy and vitality,
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March 2015 Issue


Our full-spectrum healing model is influenced by eastern and western philosophies that emphasize awareness, balance and wholeness.

Let’s venture inside and together get in touch with the Renewal of Body, Mind & Spirit, letting ourselves be honest, vulnerable, and always open to the vast and mysterious ways in which we can all heal.

Revitalize Your Relationships

Relationships are a great meditation practice.


The chaos of life… pushes you into renewing/upgrading/transforming who you are into who you can be.

Middle Way Health Welcomes Sandra Warne, LMFT

There is a way to guide people in expressing all that they are.

Conversations with Personal Trainer Emily Brown

Often it takes getting really uncomfortable with a situation to prompt you to decide to make a change.

Honoring the Growth Within

Often what appears as a nonsensical desire brewing within is actually a call from my soul to re-think, re-feel and re-create certain aspects of my life.

Women’s Group
with Sandra Warne

A women’s group is forming for the purpose of educating, inspiring and supporting women in realizing their full potential for excellent health and happiness by examining and answering 77 questions about one’s current life.

The Addict Knows

1. You stand in the open palmof the one who has no name,all powerful or all loving,as the wind gently moves your clothes. Feeling aloneand never alone, you look at your open palmand wonderwhat you actually possess. Only the universe can holdyour longing.Only the...