Revitalize Your Relationships

by March 2015

“Relationships are a great meditation practice.”

Often, after the initial honeymoon period of a relationship where there may be great fireworks, excitement and newness, most couples then go through a lull period. The sex loses its appeal, the conversations become routine and stale, and our ‘dates’ are repetitive as we go to the same restaurants and engage in the same safe activities. Some couples keep things exciting and fresh, whereas other couples drift apart. Major life events such as children and new careers can have dramatic impacts on our relationships, however, we must be drivers in our relationships, not passengers.

For those of you who wish that your relationships were more vibrant, this message is a call to bring new life and vitality to them. Creating a deep value of “passion for yourself and your relationship,” rather than an attachment in trying to change your partner or get your way, is what is required.

Further, often people are extremely busy in our society and time is the single greatest commodity that we cannot always give to each other. In our primary relationship, when our partner asks for our attention or wants to discuss something, it is vital that things are set aside, as you never know how much longer in this world you have or if your partner may have an unfortunate accident. Instead, we expect our partner to continue living as we continue to imagine we are immortal as well. We say, “yes dear,” as we are lost in our thoughts and preferences, or the day’s activities, or what has to be done tomorrow. Relationships are a great meditation practice. Relationships are NOW – you must live in this moment to succeed – being fearless and loving life.

Developing a respect for life, love and change, we must provide focus and room for our relationships to continue to evolve, however, not losing the connection that we have for our partner. Too often people run to divorce, rather than working on themselves and finding out the answer to their lack of passion. As we revitalize our relationships, we revitalize ourselves and spirit. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about being attached to excitement, rather, being fearless toward vulnerability, change, and stagnation. There is a difference.

I challenge you to take this message to your partner. Decide on three things you will focus on for the next month which will bring the sense of excitement, newness and respect for change, and go forth. Be fearless, be the change.

Relationship Revitalization Workshop (Coming This Spring!)

Please email me at or call 888-511-4269×1 if you are interested in attending a one-day workshop on this topic in April (on a Saturday/Sunday). I will present on issues pertinent to couples and relationship issues, and facilitate activities so that you can revitalize your relationship. Sacramento location to be decided. The cost would be $50 per person. It would be most desirable to bring your partner, however, for any pre-registered singles I will have alternate activities during group work. For more information: