Therapist Notes: What Your Therapist Really Thinks

by July 2022

There are some people I just can’t work with anymore. When I started a couple of decades ago, I would see anyone in therapy. My motto was “just show up” or “just show up as you are.”

The last few years – and probably just recently – I’ve realized that I can’t work with people that are completely deluded. I don’t mean people hearing voices and believing in aliens. No, actually delusions that are destructive and totally unbelievable.

I’ll list them:

  • Trump won the election.
  • The January 6th insurrection was staged.
  • There are too many gun laws – as in “guns don’t kill people – people kill people.”
  • Science, logic, cause and effect and common sense aren’t real.
  • Present climate change is natural, not man made.

I’m still enthusiastic about psychotherapy, healing, and creating a better world. I just want to see some results – however small – and it takes some grounding in reality to make that happen. Reality I can work with – however painful. Delusions are just that – weird phenomenon that appear workable – but never are.

But enough for now. There will be more next month. More shall be revealed.