La Dolce Vita September 2017

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September 2017 Issue


Our full-spectrum healing model is influenced by eastern and western philosophies that emphasize awareness, balance and wholeness.

Have you ever experienced immense overwhelm in any part of your life or career? Have you ever found solace with animals or nature? At Middle Way Health we often find harmony and clarity with each other, within silence, as well as within the vast wonders of nature herself. Read on for a little compassion, awakening and enlightenment.

Riding Meditation, Gaited Hooves & Quiet Mind

I didn’t yet know that I would find the perfect meditation practice until I met Max. Max is my Tennessee Walking Horse.

Garden Diaries

For many of us, nature is a spiritual entity, if not a spiritual practice. We might walk and ponder, sit and meditate, or lie back and stargaze.

Burnout: A Life Force Exhausted

Why do we push ourselves to the point of detrimental consequences such as fatigue or exhaustion, anxiety or stress, depression or isolation…? Is it the expectation we feel to act a certain way coming from society, family and friends, work associates, or ourselves? We aren’t born this way, but it becomes engrained in our psyche.

A Dream

The Dream is but a sliver of Infinity within the Eternity of the Soul, A Dream is just another means of traveling… It is a wish A way to create life anew A vision of boundless magnitude An escape from the tangible that we know perhaps too co-dependently A place in...

The Garden Diaries: A Little Musing

A garden is a physical representation of Sacred Space and the Potential of Growth. Sacred land gives us a sense of openness and connection with earth,,,