I could feel my soul leave me!

In a recent Covid infomercial, a woman said when her mom died, she felt her soul leave. In indigenous cultures, this is understood as an actual trauma response and healing is offered. The family would get together with the shaman healer to support this individual during a Soul Retrieval ceremony to restore their soul to harmony.

Over the past 20 years, many “Modern Mystics” have trained in the practice of shamanic healing including Soul Retrieval. During any trauma, a part of the soul can leave taking some of the pain away so that the person can go on living. These soul parts don’t come back without help leaving feelings of confusion, frustration, depression or inattention to life.

The Shamanic Practitioner will journey with a Helping Spirit in Non-Ordinary Reality to find and return these soul parts.

An example, for the person in the infomercial it might look like:  I connect with my Soul Retrieval Helper and tell her we are here to find any lost soul parts of “the client” that are ready and willing to come back so that they will both be whole and healthy. The Helper takes me to a hospital and sitting outside at the front door I see a woman who looks like the client.

I approach and introduce myself. I tell her I’m here to help as her current self is wishing for her to return. I ask her if there is anything she needs and what gift she brings back to the client.

She may say she is ready or has a condition to return. We satisfy the condition, which could be that she needs something sweet to remember the deceased. Then the gift she brings back could be “confidence” or “an open heart”.

Next, I would hold out my hand to her, and when she takes it, I hold her to my heart and with my Helper, return her to the client. What returns is the client’s pure soul energy. To see it in its authentic form, it would look like an orb of light. To communicate with me, it takes a form of the person at the age it left.

After transferring this soul part to the client, I lead them in a guided visualization to welcome the soul part home and to help them integrate.

After Soul Retrieval healing, clients report feeling the energy move through them, feeling calmer and whole. Their symptoms usually dissipate, and they begin to feel a sense of wellbeing.

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