Relationships & Survival Skills

Relationships throughout time have always had their challenges. But for us living in this Covid and quarantined and uncertain time, they can get all too real.

Many of us disagree about what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what we should do about it. This very often trickles down to the intimate household. It can affect our relationships with friends, family, significant others, and even co-workers. Thus, in return, we are all affected.

There is an underlying stress and anxiety that some of us are aware of, while others are not so much. I place no judgment on the latter, as I may as well be partially in that category. Is it denial? Or is it just coping? Did too many of us go from thriving to surviving – financially, emotionally, mentally, socially?

I have very few answers at this point; I just believe in repeated attempts at fair and honest conversations, hopefully leading to some semblance of understanding, compassion and/or acceptance. However – as most of us know – sometimes it can also be best to just ‘not go there’.

I have learned to tread lightly for my own peace of mind, especially with those I love. I don’t get too wrapped up in the news or social media, and only follow positive or neutral people (and mostly anything that makes me happy). I smile at people through my facemask in stores, even if they can’t tell that I’m doing so. Oh, and I typically watch a few comedy skits before bed. This at least helps me fall asleep with a more lighthearted energy, and often helps keep the anxiety dreams at bay.

It’s a good time to pick and choose our own blend of what works for each of us. While it’s not always going to be the exact same things from day to day, or even week or month, it does entail being aware of what helps get us through.

What are your survival skills right now, and can you embrace them as necessary – and perhaps, hopefully, just temporary relief?