Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring

Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring

At Middle Way Health, the term “Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring” refers to Buddhist Psychotherapy, Shamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval and Dream Life Designing

Buddhist Psychotherapy

Deeply exploring the human condition from both a personal and transpersonal side, using the meditative traditions of mindfulness and yoga, characterizes Buddhist Psychotherapy. A spirit of inquiry, tolerance and non-judgmental awareness is brought to bear on life’s problems, as well as core identity issues. Buddhist Psychotherapy tells the truth of suffering, but is inherently optimistic because it believes that all people have the capacity to be happy and free.

Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval

The goal of Shamanic Healing is to bring the human spirit into harmony. Traditionally, the spirit is strengthened by returning lost parts of the soul that left during times of trauma and by clearing intrusions, or other energy, that the spirit is carrying.

Dream Life Designing

Dream Life Designing offers fun, personalized consultations that help you get in touch with your true essence, uncover what is truly meaningful to you, and experience all the little blisses along the way. It will help you become more aware of your rich, inner world and learn how to literally bring that to life so you can decorate and enrich your days with it.