Bringing the Spirit Body into balance and harmony is the goal of shamanic healing modalities.

Those who practice the “Old Ways” often see people as three Spirits:

  • The Body Spirit
  • The Mental Spirit
  • The Oversoul or Higher Spirit

When any one aspect is in disharmony, it can affect the other two. The Healer will shift into the Shamanic State of Consciousness and perceive the condition of the three Spirits.

All Shamanic healing is done in relationship with the healer’s Helping Spirits. Alone, the healer does nothing. Helping Spirits are Transpersonal Beings who have chosen to be of service to humanity and will work through a trained Shamanic healer. They could be the Spirits of animals, plants, ancestors, or divine beings.

Disharmony can be perceived as a darkness, a disturbed area, or something ugly in the person’s Energy Field. Simply stated, to achieve balance in a person’s Spirit, anything perceived as “Other” is moved out, Self is brought in to fill the Field with that person’s own Divine Energy and a Spirit Helper is brought in to enhance the person’s Power, to Support them and to Protect them.

In Shamanist lingo the Healing Modalities are:

  • Divination to see what is going on in the Energy Field
  • Power Restoration to bring in a Helping Spirit
  • Extraction Healing to remove “Other” energies such as negative thought forms
  • Soul Retrieval to bring back lost parts of the soul that left during trauma and never returned

Each of the above points can be expanded in future articles.

An example of a Shamanic Healing: While camping with friends in the Sierras, I was asked to look at what was going on with a person’s painful shoulder. The energy there showed that he was holding a burden of family responsibility that others had energetically stuck on him. Carrying others’ energy in his Body Spirit was causing physical pain. The Helping Spirits moved this intrusion away, and over the next few hours, his pain became much less until it disappeared.
This person’s body was very responsive to the improvement in his Field. Commonly, a person will receive three or four healing sessions to work on each area that wants balance. Healing begins with the person deciding to be better and asking for help. That decision sets in motion a vibration that will bring the right practitioner to you.

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