Middle Way Health is An Essential Business

by December 2020

As an Essential Business, Middle Way Health is committed to supporting the healing journey of every patient who needs access to mental health counseling. While the Covid crisis has been a cause of great pain, it served to underline a long term truth: the need for accessible Mental Health Care for all people. With this in mind, the dedicated therapists and support staff of Middle Way Health have put great energy and determination into strengthening Mental Health accessibility for all people including the most vulnerable amongst us.

We have done this in a multitude of ways. From the very first days of the Covid crisis Middle Way Health took steps to offer virtual only sessions – and then later as protocols were put in place – offer a hybrid model that includes both virtual and in person psychotherapy session options. For clients who have fragile health or who live with someone with fragile health, Middle Way Health continues to offer virtual therapy sessions. For those following safe protocols in their personal lives and who are physically healthy, MWH offers in person sessions.

Support personnel have taken the practical steps of wiping down all doors, waiting room chairs and restroom facilities. Middle Way Health staff and clients are also following the protocols recommended by the CDC including masking up and creating proper personal distance. The great care Middle Way Health has taken to follow these guidelines communicates to everyone concerned that they are safe here.

Every two weeks Therapists continue to meet to collaborate on how we may best serve our diverse client pool. Meeting with one another ensures we fulfill our mandate to safely and ethically serve our patients. These meetings also provide an opportunity for collaboration. Attention and care is given to proper patient preparation and follow up. Whether people are struggling with depression, anxiety or serious emotional trauma, they are treated humanely and holistically.

Middle Way Health continues to be a beautiful, healing environment. The need for our services is great and we have not slowed down. We continue to have a receptionist and a spacious, library waiting room. This coming year when people are vaccinated and we can once again safely meet in groups, there are plans in the works to hold group therapy sessions in the Middle Way Health Forum. Comfortable chairs purchased a few months ago were bought in, anticipating a brighter tomorrow!

Some of the groups we plan to offer include Mindfulness Based Wellness, Anger Management, The Creative Couple, and finally, a group that is currently online, Living with Chronic Illness and Pain will transition to in person.

Middle Way Health is a gathering place for wisdom and healing. We see ourselves as part of a vast network of healers and practitioners. In the new year we are especially excited to announce our expansion into education. Once conditions allow we will begin offering CEU training, including classes on Mindfulness Based Approaches for Therapy, Use of Humor in Therapy, Art Therapy and.. More shall be revealed soon!

And lastly, Middle Way Health supports its sister organization, The Middle Way Health Foundation. Associate Therapist Dana Ferry is actively meeting with clients who would not otherwise have someone to talk to. Dana’s optimism and kindness in the face of such challenging situations make her an invaluable resource and advocate for the most vulnerable amongst us. If you wish to join Middle Way Health Foundation and support the work Dana Ferry and other Therapists are doing, please contact me. Let’s do something positive. Together all things are possible!

I see a positive future for Middle Way Health, Middle Way Health Foundation, and for our Country. And I look forward to seeing people!


Stephen Walker