Noticing Cycles of Change

by December 2020

Certain things in this world let us know they are changing. Children grow, the sun rises and sets, leaves turn colors and fall off, food rots. The changes in other things are harder to notice. Books piled on a shelf, the smile of a friend, the age of our parents, the good things about 2020.

Our minds are capable of noticing each of these things and appreciating all of them at the same time. The rising sun brings warmth and light, but we also know that it will set again, turning day to night, light to dark, and warmth to cold. Knowing the setting sun will rise again allows us to appreciate a beautiful sunset.

Watching children grow and learn is a wonderful thing. They change every minute! Children stop being ‘children’ each moment they live. At some point we decide they are ‘adults,’ and too often we think the changing ends there. An apple was once a seed, which was once dirt, which may have been a rotten apple!

Change is continuous. Our minds change, our emotions change, our health changes. In a year like 2020, the changes we focus on are the difficult changes. The bad changes. The rotten apples and dark cold nights. But there have been sunrises and fresh, crisp fruit as well.

We can hold all the changes together, knowing change is a constant and necessary process. The opportunities to notice changes, then to appreciate them are valuable. Slowing down, taking a walk, and reflecting on change can give space for holding these changes together.